6 Ways to Make Time for Scrapbooking

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“I just don’t have enough time for scrapbooking”!  Does that sound familiar to you?  This is one of the top excuses I hear from people.  Here’s a quote from Marie Forleo, “If it’s important to you, you’ll make the time.  If it’s not, you’ll make an excuse.”  It’s true in my life and I know it’s true in yours.

Here are a Couple of Personal Examples

I struggle with this too.  Here are a couple of examples from my own life.  I have some job duties associated with my businesses.  One of them is bookkeeping for our company.  It’s not fun but it must be done. However, I still have to barter with myself sometimes to get it done.  I might decide to set aside one day a week or a few hours each day to work on these duties.  On the flip side are the courses I create.  I love digital scrapbooking so I could do it all day every day!  As a matter of fact, that’s usually what I have to tear myself away from to get the bookkeeping done!

Another example is housekeeping.  While I love a clean house I don’t necessarily like cleaning house.  So while I’m scrapping or creating course content I might look around and think I need to clean the house.  But I’d rather be scrapping so that usually wins out.  Plus housekeeping is something good to outsourced, lol.  The point is if I’m not careful I’ll tell myself I just don’t have enough time to do it all but the reality is I make time for what I enjoy.  It’s important to me!

6 Ways to Make Time for Scrapbooking

I have 6 ideas off the top of my head to make time for digital scrapbooking that most of us could easily implement.

  • Turn off the TV.  It’s better to DVR it anyway so you can skip the commercials.  That’ll save you roughly 20 minutes for every one hour program.
  • Limit your time on Facebook and Pinterest.  Set a timer.  Give yourself 30 minutes then move on to something more productive.
  • Use a slow-cooker or Insta-Pot.  The prep time is the same but you don’t have to supervise the cooking.
  • Pencil in a time-slot on your calendar.  It could be 30-60 minutes in the mornings or evenings or a few hours on the weekend.
  • Busy moms can do it as “homework”.  While your kids are doing their homework you can do your scrapping.
  • Give other family members household responsibilities so everything isn’t left for you to do.

Gain Confidence to Scrap Faster

If part of the problem is not feeling comfortable with Photoshop Elements or knowledgeable of the scrapping process then use the time you’ve carved out with learning that first.  Take my courses and start creating layouts while you learn.  Keep practicing and growing your skills.



Balance is Key

Balance is key.  If there is a less desirable duty keeping you from scrapping, try outsourcing.  You might say, I can’t afford that!  But getting other family members to help around the house is a type of outsourcing that is a win/win.  You and your spouse don’t carry the entire load and your children learn life skills, responsibility and what it means to be part of a family.  One way to do it is to make housecleaning a priority on Saturday morning that has to be done before doing some fun activity.  On a daily basis, many small yet helpful tasks can be done to keep up with the clutter.

There are many ways to find time in your schedule to do things you WANT to do.  Try one or two ideas I’ve given you first.  Make them a habit then add one or two more.  It really will make a difference.  We all need balance in our lives and having time for hobbies that we enjoy is a big part of that!

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