Printing Scrapbook Layouts for Fulfillment

Does printing scrapbook layouts give you a sense of fulfillment?  It should!  I mean, what’s the point of documenting and recording our memories if we don’t print the pages, right?  I know tons of people that have lost 100’s or 1000’s of photos due to computer failure.  I’ve also known tons of people that have lost their scrapbook layouts for the same reason.  Of course, losing our precious photos or layouts usually teaches us the importance of back up systems but that’s a topic for another day!  Today’s focus is on turning your digital work into a tangible product.

Fulfillment Comes with Finished Projects


Our creative activities give us pleasure in the process but fulfillment comes when we see our finished work in a book or album.  Then it becomes a part of our life.  It’s a memory book we can share with others, look back at to recall moments in time and a very real example of our creativity.

Consider some of your other creative pursuits.  A blouse you’ve sewn is worn, a completed work of art is hung on a wall, a book is written then read aloud, you learn to play a new song on the piano and play it at a recital.  The piece de resistance-a scrapbook album.  Photos are selected, people, places, dates, and stories are recorded, and a book is printed.  The creative process is fun but fulfillment comes when it’s complete and we can see the results of our efforts.


digital scrapbook albums

Digital Photos – A Sizeable Gift!

The are many wonderful things the digital world has given us.  For instance, now we can take 100’s of photos of an event then narrow those down to the best.  The keepers.  And there are good reasons to do that.

Firstly, photos on our computers and phones take up a lot of space.  Megabytes, gigabytes, terabytes are something we should keep in mind.  While the prices continue to go down for mega-memory hard drives it is still a big expense and an important consideration.

Secondly, while digital photography opened up great possibilities when taking photos, there is no reason to keep any photos of questionable quality.  Use the best and delete the rest!


scrapbook layouts

Photos to Fulfillment

Photo-worthy activities (are there any others) are just the beginning.  The creative process isn’t complete until the photos and the stories are printed in a finished book that you can hold in your hands.

Now when you view the photos something new is experienced.  You feel a sense of pride for completing the project for sure but now it’s a stronger feeling than when you simply viewed them on your cell phone.

This experience is a gift!  There are many reasons for joy at each stage of the process.  We have the memory from the original activity.  We’ve culled and chosen the best photos.  We enjoyed remembering while we recorded our thoughts.  And that’s wonderful because memories fade, thoughts are forgotten, and stories can be lost forever.

But we’ve pulled these things together and brought them to life.  To enjoy, cherish, remind us, and share.  What a blessing!

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