Do you want to learn digital scrapbooking with Photoshop Elements but you don't know where to start?  Our Photoshop Elements for Digital Scrapbooking series is for you.  To find more information about your perfect starting point check out our Course Roadmap. If you're already familiar with the courses and ready to go, click on one of the course links below.

Find Your Path to Success

Are you a total newbie to both Photoshop Elements and digital scrapbooking?  Start with the Primer Course.  Part of our on-boarding process is to ensure you're familiar with the software you'll be using before you start trying to scrap.  Of course, you'll learn more about the program throughout all of the lessons too but this will get you started.

You have a little knowledge in both areas but still, consider yourself a beginner.  The Basics and Beyond will get you scrapping quickly.  If you find yourself a wee bit confused about how PSE looks or works, then you should go through the Primer lesson.  It can only help.  Many experienced users have learned some new tricks in the Primer.