Hello & Welcome!  I'm Yobeth Puckett, entrepreneur, artist, scrapbooker, photographer, writer, and course creator.  I started this site because I remember how hard it was for me to learn Photoshop Elements.  In addition, applying what I learned to create scrapbook pages and artwork was another hurdle.  It wasn't easy but I figured it out one step at a time and I can show you how to do it too.

What Worked for Me Will Work for You!

I want to share my step by step process with you and empower you to unleash your creative abilities.  I'll give you the road map needed to remove the fear and frustration you feel and help you develop your creative voice.  I focus on developing courses using Photoshop Elements to create digital scrapbook pages and other art projects.  You, like most scrappers I know, are multi-talented with interests in photography, storytelling, memory keeping, and art (to name a few) which makes it your perfect creative outlet.

Finding Time for Yourself is a #1 Concern

As if being multi-talented is not enough!  You're also a busy wife, mom, grandmother, sister, friend and so much more.  Let's face it, you're cooking on all burners and finding"me time" isn't easy.  As a matter of fact, it's a #1 concern.  I hear you loud and clear and keep this in mind when designing each course for you!


designed with you in mind infographic


Time for Yourself is Beneficial for You & the One's You Love

That's right!  When you take time to do things that YOU want to do it's like a mini-vacation.  You feel refreshed.  Your attitude improves.  Without it, you continue pushing yourself to do everything for everyone.  Eventually, you feel like you've lost yourself.

Learn the Way That Works Best for You!

You'll receive step by step videos and a written handbook walking you through each lesson.  Use your desktop PC, laptop, tablet or phone to take advantage of any or all of these options.  I designed these courses with you in mind. A busy woman, on the go.  You have a story that only you can tell! Click here now to get started.