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Your first step to success! If you are new to Photoshop Elements the Primer course is the place to start. You must be familiar with the software you're using before you can start creating scrapbook pages. In this lesson, you will learn the basics of the Photoshop Elements Interface/Workspace for versions 14, 15, & 2018.  An addendum covers how to bypass the Home page in version 2019.

Here are a couple of notes received from students...
Pam K said, "Thank you so much for creating all the tutorials. I use PSE12 … I’ve been using it for a couple of years & have mostly stumbled across things when trying to follow a tutorial designed for PS. It’s nice to see tutorials designed specifically for PSE!"

And Marilyn Z said, "Interesting. Learned how to make it go to the Photo Editor directly! Who knew. Thanks." 

The Basics and Beyond is your second step to success. Now it's time to build on the foundation learned in The Primer course and start digital scrapbooking.  We start at the beginning and move step by step with each lesson building on the last. Once confident with the basics you'll expand your skill set with more advanced techniques.  Lessons are taught using v2018 but work with v15 as well.

Regarding some of the things learned about the Type Tool...
Kay C said, "These are wonderful!  I'm a longtime user of PSE and never knew about some of these!"

In another message about moving the Rotation Point...
Peggy S said, "Amazing how there is always something new to learn or re-learn. Love this, especially for things like the knot example. Thank you!"