How to Easily Resize Multiple Images in Photoshop Elements

Have you ever wondered how to easily resize multiple images in Photoshop Elements?  I’m always looking for questions in various groups and forums.  I recently ran across an interesting question in a Facebook group.  The person asked, “I have created a blank image as a background.  I’m placing a whole mess load of new images & want the new images to be the same size.  I know I can resize each one by dragging the corners & watching the width/height numbers.  However, I don’t always get exactly the same size for all the new images.  Is there a way to resize the images by specifying the width/height, like with the Image> Resize dialog box?  Or will I need to drag each & every new image?

To be clear, this person was not asking me specifically, but others have asked about this also.  So I made a Quick Tip video giving some options for how to resize multiple photos at the same time.  It’s very easy to do.  As usual with Photoshop Elements there is more than one way to accomplish this task.  I’ve demonstrated a couple in the video and included the steps below.


Click the image below or here to view the video on our YouTube channel.

quick tip video how to easily resize multiple images pse2020


Easily Resize Multiple Images in 4 Easy Steps

  1. First, create a shape the size you want using a “fixed size” and specifying the dimensions.
  2. Next, use Ctrl + J to duplicate the shape until you have one for each photo.
  3. Move each shape under one of the photos in the layer panel.  Simply left-click on the shape layer and drag it to the appropriate place.
  4. Finally, use Ctrl + Alt + G to clip the image to the shape just below it & with both layers selected click the link/unlink icon.

Alternate Method

  1. Select all the images layers by holding the Shift key (if the layers are contiguous) & selecting the top & bottom group of images.  If the layers are not touching use the Ctrl key.
  2. Next, drag the corner of the bounding box.  With all the images selected they’ll all be resized.


I recommend the first method for a few reasons that I’ve outlined below:

  • The photos may not be the same size. Clipping them to the shapes makes them all the same. (Method 1)
  • You can easily crop or move the clipped photo around within the shape to get the desired look. (Method 1)
  • If they’re various sizes and you use the Alternate Method they’re still going to be different sizes. (Method 2)
  • You can’t crop a certain area of the photo unless you use the crop tool when using the Alternate Method. (Method 2)

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