3 Type Tool Best Practices

type tools best practices

When working with Photoshop Elements Type Tool there are 3 things you can do that will make your life easier now and in the future. In this article, I’ll tell you 3 best practices that should become habits for you.

Make Record-Keeping a Habit


I recommend keeping a record of all the products used in the layout in “File Info”.   This is located in the main Menu Bar> File> File Info.




Selecting File Info opens the File Info dialog box.  This is where you can record the information for every item used.




Some people keep this info on a separate layer in the layers palette but I believe File Info is the best place to keep these records.

Rename Type Layer


Renaming the Type layer to include the font family and font size is another good idea.  This avoids any confusion as to which font goes with which group of text or title.  Plus, in this case, redundancy is a good thing.




Create a Working Layer


My third best practice recommendation is to always work with a “working layer”.  Use Ctrl + J to duplicate each Type layer the rename each one to add “working layer”.  Here are 3 reasons to use working layers.

  1. It’s easy to start over if you mess up or change your mind.
  2. Most Styles and  Effects can’t be applied unless the layer is simplified.
  3. After a layer is simplified you can’t change anything about the text without starting over.



Note: After a Type layer is simplified you’ll see a regular thumbnail instead of the “T”.

Multi-font Title Layout Example


Many times several fonts are used to create the title alone, as in the example below, or word art.




Make These Best Practices Habit Forming


These steps will make your life easier and you should make them a habit.  It may be easy to remember the details at the time a layout is made but later it’ll be near impossible if you don’t keep good records.  Plus, if working with several different fonts it’s hard to keep them straight for more than a few seconds.  You always want to give designer credits when you post a layout so record keeping is important.  In addition, you may want to reuse the font later yourself or someone may ask which font you used.   With all this in mind, these are my top 3 Type tool recommendations.

To learn more about the Type Tool and much more, click The Basics and Beyond and get started now.  The longer you wait the behinder you get.

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