3 Fast, Easy Ways to Create a New Scrapbook Page

trim the tree

Fast and easy ways to create a new scrapbook page is something everyone can use, so today I’ll give you 3 ideas that you can use to create a new layout.  We’ll use a sketch, a quick page, and a layered template.  I’ll explain what each one is and show you how to use them.  Be sure to go all the way to the bottom to get a free template and watch the video.  So let’s get started.

A Sketch


A sketch comes in many different forms.  It can be an actual sketch, digital or hand-drawn, that gives you an idea for where to place elements on a page.  I’ve seen them as line drawings, full-color diagrams like a flattened template,  B&W shapes that represent photos, text boxes, flowers and such, and more.  If you see a layout in a gallery that you want to “lift” it can be used as a sketch too.  They may also be referred to as page maps, patterns, or ideas.  They can be found for sale or as free downloads.  Here is an example of one of my sketches.


sketch example


A Quickpage (aka QP)


A Quickpage, or QP as they’re called, is a full-size scrapbook page that someone has already created for you.  It’s then flattened and saved as a png file.  As you know a png file can preserve transparencies.  Therefore, you can then create a 12″x12″ layout, place the QP on one layer and one or more photos below the QP to fit the photo openings.  You can’t rearrange or change anything that is included in the QP, but you can add titles, journaling, and even more elements on top.  I used Trimming the Tree by Snickerdoodle Designs to create this QP.  You can find this collection here.




Scrapbook Page Using a Layered Template


A layered template is the most versatile.  As the name implies, the layers are retained when the template is saved.  It’s saved as a psd file so that it can be used in Photoshop or Photoshop Elements.  When you open the psd file all of the layers will be shown in your layers panel.  You can use all or some of the layers and elements can be moved.  Each layer is like a place holder that you replace with a paper or an element.  In some cases instead of replacing it you clip a photo or paper to it.  The designer has probably added drop shadows that you can also use as-is or edit.

You can download this template here.



layered template


Watch the Video

Watch the video here as I explain the differences and demonstrate how to use sketches, quick pages, and templates.



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