2020 A Year for the Books

2020, a year for the books!  When the year began I’m sure no one would have ever predicted what we were all about to face. We have all faced many changes in every aspect of our lives.  We’ve changed, adjusted, re-adjusted, reflected, and changed some more. We do everything differently now. Work.  School.  Healthcare.  Shopping.  Grooming.  Dressing.  Everything.  Here’s a little of my story.

March Madness

March Madness took on a whole new meaning.  When we were first advised to stay at home something weird happened to me.  First, you need to understand, I’m a stay at home kind of girl pre-Covid-19 but I suddenly developed an obsession with washing my hands.  Of course, washing your hands is a good thing.  That’s true.  And, yes, we were told to wash our hands frequently to minimize the spread but I’m home alone most of the time.  I’d go to the restroom, wash my hands, go into another room then feel I needed to wash my hands again.  I was washing them every 10-15 minutes while staying home. Alone.


Hand washing


Redirection in Progress


I decided I had to keep busy to focus on other things besides washing my hands.  I cleaned the house and then cleaned it some more.  I guess that’s a good thing.  Our house was cleaner than ever but that can only keep you busy for so long.  So I went back to something that had been mostly on the back burner for many years.  I started drawing and painting and decoupaging and doing mixed media and buying art supplies and doing some more artwork.  Then repeat the process again and again.  That continues today.


art supplies


A Whole New Vision


As I continued creating artwork my obsessions with handwashing and cleaning subsided.  My nerves calmed down.  I was happier than I’d been for a while.  I love drawing and painting and all things art.  I always have and I’m so happy to have gotten back to it.  As I began posting some of my art on Facebook people starting asking about buying it.  Thus began my movement into a whole new vision.

What’s Ahead


I don’t know what 2021 has in store for us but I can tell you what I have planned as long as the Lord keeps leading me.  I’ll be creating art to encourage, inspire, and lift others up.   I’ll continue to develop this site to sell my artwork and I’ll continue to create lessons on Photoshop Elements, art how-tos, and other topics of interest.  I have some ideas to deliver lessons in a slightly different way so stay tuned for more information.  Plus, if you sign up for Canvas Chronicles you’ll be the first to know about new releases, new training, and other insider news.


what's ahead in 2021

Are You In?


So while it may sound like a lot of changes I’m actually just getting back to my roots.  This new site is a better reflection of my vision.  I’ve been working behind the scenes for months to prepare the artwork, find the best delivery system for art products, moving some existing lesson material and I’ll be moving more and creating new lessons too.

If all of this sounds interesting then I would love for you to join me.  If your answer is, “Heck yeah, I’m in!”, here are some of the things you to  look for  in the coming months:

  • New art pieces to view or purchase if you’d like
  • Downloadable freebies
  • Lessons for Photoshop Elements
  • Lessons for various other topics
  • Free tips and techniques on the blog
  • Other insider info to be announced

I imagine you’ve had a lot of changes as well in 2020.  I’d love to hear your story too.  If you’d like to share your story with me or have any other comments or feedback please contact me at [email protected]  I love hearing from you!

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