If you want to be remembered, you've got to tell your story!


Hello and welcome!  I'm Yobeth, an online education business owner, artist, scrapbooker, photographer, writer, and course creator.

I'm dedicated to helping you learn to use Photoshop Elements to create digital scrapbooks and other print-worthy digital artistry.

Preserving memories and leaving a legacy is important to you and your loved ones.  You have a story that only you can tell.  I'm devoted to sharing ideas, resources, and courses that will help you.

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Live in the present, document it for the future!

My mission is to give you a creative outlet with purpose.

My step by step process will teach you how to leave a visual and written history of your life.  You'll feel empowered to unleash your creative side, even if you don't believe you have one, and leave a legacy your family will want to read!

You'll be amazed how quickly you're creating pages you love.  Digital scrapbooking will take you far beyond what you can achieve with traditional scrapbooks.  Plus you'll have the tools to create stunning artwork as well.

our mission

Hear what some of our students have to say!

Kay said,
"This course can give a greater understanding of how to
navigate around the screen and locate where the basics
The tool section of the course shows many hidden
items and how or what they can do. The Cheat sheets
are great for a quick reference."

Megan said,
"I didn't know you could change all the colors of guides,
etc. And the "tab" key you're right, who knew? Not this
Everything you need to know to set up and get
started with PSE! I highly recommend this course!"

Karen said,
"I always wondered what the tolerance slider was for &
what the difference between contiguous and anti-aliasing.
Now I know to look at those when selecting areas. How to
use the Marquee tool to make a square or circle is also
new to me. Using the bounding box to zoom in and then
open the original is also new to me. Great class!"

Your Path to Success Starts Here!


Are you a total newbie to both Photoshop Elements and digital scrapbooking?  Start with the Primer Course.  Part of our onboarding process is to ensure you're familiar with the software you'll be using before you start trying to scrap.  Of course, you'll learn more about the program throughout all of the lessons.

Have a little knowledge in both areas but still consider yourself a beginner?  The Basics and Beyond will get you scrapping quickly.  If you find yourself a wee bit confused about how PSE looks or works, then you should go through the Primer lesson.  Many experienced users have learned some new tricks in the Primer.

We'll empower you to unleash your creativity.


You'll be surprised how quickly you transform from novice to intermediate to master scrapper and digital artist!

First, we focus entirely on Photoshop Elements.
Our system starts with the basics then each new lesson builds on what you've learned in previous lessons and introduces new skills.

Plus each HQ video & companion handbook walks you through each step of the process.

Finally, the fear is gone and you feel confident in your abilities.